Can Steel Be Green? We Think So

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Can Steel Be Green? We Think So
July 1, 2016

When you think of the anything industrial, environmentally friendly probably isn’t the first term to come to mind, and often the opposite resonates more. Images of soot-covered workers and mounds of oil or toxic waste may come into the picture. But in many industries, the truth tells a different story. Believe it or not, one of those industries is one of America’s oldest. And while it hasn’t always been this way, the production of steel remains greener than ever even while meeting the ever-increasing demand for product. So just how does a steel company stay environmentally friendly?

Using Recycled Products

Making a commitment to choosing recycled material as opposed to raw is an environmentally conscious choice that Hascall has stood behind since 1971. Over 30% of the material used in our steel consists of recycled material. However, choosing to use recycled steel doesn’t mean sacrificing the quality of the end product. Utilizing recycled material in the production of new steel doesn’t cause any reduction in strength or durability compared to metal made solely from material such as iron ore, limestone, and metallurgical coke.

We consider our product and business “green” because steel produced with recycled metal cuts the need to mine for iron and coal, reducing the environmental footprint left behind during collection. Not only that but producing steel from raw or virgin materials requires more non-renewable energy than it does to produce from scrap metal. Every pound of steel recycled saves 5,450 BTUs of energy, enough to light a 60-watt bulb for over 26 hours.

Saving Landfill Space

Working with and producing steel that can be reused for other products after its scrap phase is known as an infinite process. Although the steel may not be made from 100% recycled material with having raw material mixed in, the finished product itself is 100% recyclable. This means less scrap metal being added to landfills across the nation.

Hascall is also proud to have an internal company program that reduces environmental impact. The Skid Recycle Program was implemented in our facility to reduce wooden palette waste in landfills and lessen the demand for new lumber as well. When a customer is done using the wooden palettes used to deliver their steel, we then retrieve the unused palettes from that customer. Palettes retrieved are then used to either send to other customers with deliveries or are used by employees heating their homes with the discarded wood.

Not only do our employees take part in the green initiative with wood palette home heating, but Hascall as a company will use scrap wood and hydraulic waste for heat during the winter months. The reuse of both of those materials helps in saving on what would have been the energy spent on electricity and natural gas. Recycling scrap wood and hydraulic waste also eliminates those additions to landfill space and reduces the energy it takes to dispose of both materials.

LEED Approved Building Materials

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program developed by the U.S. Green Building Council was put in place to improve the environmental standards and performance of U.S. buildings. Hascall prides itself on maintaining safe and effective practices of environmental design both in-house and for customer buildings as well. Supplying and selling steel framing approved by LEED to customers allows them to gain LEED accreditation through their green building materials. Architects, contractors, suppliers, and builders can all become LEED certified from using products that are 100% recyclable in their building structures.

While staying ahead of demand for product is a definite priority, it’s never an option to sacrifice environmentally safe practices. Every global industry should be committed to fulfilling the shared duty of staying Earth conscious in every way. At Hascall, we strive for keeping a light footprint behind in everything we do. You could say green is our favorite color of steel.

  • “The material you sent us was the best we have ever run. We will be buying from you again”
    Production Supervisor at a Holland based metal stamper
  • “Paperwork was in order and passed our receiving process.”
    Quality Manager From a Grand Rapids Laser Cutting Company
  • “Hascall Steel's team asked me highly relevant questions to identify my true needs”
    Purchaser - Tennessee Stamper
  • “I appreciate Hascall Steel for knowing the market and planning ahead”
    Program Buyer - Detroit Manufacturer
  • “Hascall Steel's team reached out to check proactively if I needed my standard order. I appreciate them looking out for me”
    Shop Supervisor at a West Michigan Fabrication Company


We love customer relationships that become true partnerships between your team and our sales representatives.

Request a Quote

At Hascall Steel we understand that part of being an expert is being able to tailor steel to your needs. With that in mind there are some key areas that will help us fulfill your steel order in a way that is best suited to your company’s capacities. By working with our sales team, we can adjust several aspects of your order to make things easier for your team members. Next are some areas to keep in mind that can improve efficiency and quality.


Often customers place an order with the following basic information: Quantity/Gauge/Width/Length/Steel Type…

However there are quite a few QUALIFIERS that will help us all get the best value from the informational exchange.


When discussing material with our Sales Team, be sure to include tolerances for your gauge, width, and length (if applicable). In some cases, Hascall can meet tolerances as low as +/-.001 on gauge, +/-.003 on width, and +/-.015 on length. Specifications – Many steel specifications come with sub categories that can alter chemistries and mechanical boundaries. Be sure to have the full specification when ordering or talk with your sales representative to discuss options.


Proper packaging can help reduce unloading and production time. ID – We offer ID sizes in 16”, 20”, and 24” OD – We are able to provide OD sizes up to 72” Skidding – Standard or custom skidding available, just let us know how you would like your material skidded to best meet your equipment needs.
Paper – Protective paper is standard on all orders but can be applied with standard or full wrapping both with and without Hascall Logos. Max Coil and Skid Weight – Coils can be adjusted to meet your max lift and coil capacities.
Offloading – Material can be shipped skidded or standing and set for Forklift on the side or the rear of the bed. Material can also be shipped ready for sheet lifter or overhead crane offload.


Steel is only good if it gets there when you need it. At Hascall we have an experienced Logistics team that will ensure that your steel arrives on time in the way that best suits your needs. Whether you would like delivery via our in-house Steel Man Transportation service or if you would like to pick up your material personally, our team can set up appointments that meet your schedule. Our Logistics team can also arrange a 3rd party carrier if needed. Delivery dates, times, and address should be discussed with your Sales Representative prior to ordering.


And lastly, we know each customer is unique. There may be special requests that we would love to accommodate. These may range from a sample of the steel attached to the packaging, to increased tag requirements and frequencies. We are happy to work with you in order to be your trusted choice in slit steel coil and blanks.