TEC Spotlight Article

The following article was recently published in the TEC (The Executive Committee) October Newsletter. Congrats to our very own Chris VanWingerden for being featured! 

Chris VanWingerden with TEC MidwestName:  Chris VanWingerden

Company:  Hascall Steel Company

Industry:  Metal Service Centers, Steel Distribution

Employees:  160 in USA

Family: Married 23 years to Kristy, son Case just off to College, daughter Noelle a sophomore in High School.

Give TEC a brief history/overview of your company: Hascall Steel Company has been in the steel processing and distribution business since 1971. Today we operate in four locations across the United States. We provide flat rolled steel coil and sheet to manufacturers in the automotive, agricultural, and specialty products industries. Our specialty is coated products, in small to medium quantities, that others find difficult to source. We are known for our rapid response to customer orders, which makes us the trusted choice and recognized experts in our niche.

What one piece of leadership advice would you offer to others: Always approach the privilege of leadership with a servant’s heart. Your job is that of SERVICE to those you lead; others before self.

What are your interests outside of work: I am an avid instrument rated pilot, and absolutely love flying for work and pleasure. For me, it is pure joy to plan a flight and then execute it safely.

I also am quite active in my worship community.

How did you learn about TEC: When I became President of Hascall Steel, a fellow business associate mentioned that her company president was attending TEC.   I was invited to a meeting, and really saw value in the presentations, the accountability, and the peer to peer counsel.

What has TEC done for you personally and/or professionally: On a personal level, TEC has increased my confidence in directing the daily affairs of our family of companies. I am no longer alone in this role, but have a network of individuals who are in similar circumstances.

Professionally, Tec has given me multiple opportunities to deploy techniques and strategies inside Hascall Steel. I always receive VALUE from the speakers, and more often than not am able to use what I’ve learned. In addition, the sharing of “issues” amongst my fellow TEC members has been the equivalent of a board of directors for me. It’s invaluable.

But aside from these things, I also need to recognize the greater leadership team at Hascall Steel Company. They have been very gracious and accepting of my introducing “TEC” concepts into practical application. This team has embraced the changes, and really made great progress in carrying forward their individual assignments in our greater strategic plan.   This is a result of our taking a step back and defining our Vision/Mission/Brand/Core Values, and establishing initiatives to support these items. Had I not been exposed to TEC, I doubt we would be in as positive a place as we find ourselves today!

  • “The material you sent us was the best we have ever run. We will be buying from you again”
    Production Supervisor at a Holland based metal stamper
  • “Paperwork was in order and passed our receiving process.”
    Quality Manager From a Grand Rapids Laser Cutting Company
  • “Hascall Steel's team asked me highly relevant questions to identify my true needs”
    Purchaser - Tennessee Stamper
  • “I appreciate Hascall Steel for knowing the market and planning ahead”
    Program Buyer - Detroit Manufacturer
  • “Hascall Steel's team reached out to check proactively if I needed my standard order. I appreciate them looking out for me”
    Shop Supervisor at a West Michigan Fabrication Company


We love customer relationships that become true partnerships between your team and our sales representatives.

Request a Quote

At Hascall Steel we understand that part of being an expert is being able to tailor steel to your needs. With that in mind there are some key areas that will help us fulfill your steel order in a way that is best suited to your company’s capacities. By working with our sales team, we can adjust several aspects of your order to make things easier for your team members. Next are some areas to keep in mind that can improve efficiency and quality.


Often customers place an order with the following basic information: Quantity/Gauge/Width/Length/Steel Type…

However there are quite a few QUALIFIERS that will help us all get the best value from the informational exchange.


When discussing material with our Sales Team, be sure to include tolerances for your gauge, width, and length (if applicable). In some cases, Hascall can meet tolerances as low as +/-.001 on gauge, +/-.003 on width, and +/-.015 on length. Specifications – Many steel specifications come with sub categories that can alter chemistries and mechanical boundaries. Be sure to have the full specification when ordering or talk with your sales representative to discuss options.


Proper packaging can help reduce unloading and production time. ID – We offer ID sizes in 16”, 20”, and 24” OD – We are able to provide OD sizes up to 72” Skidding – Standard or custom skidding available, just let us know how you would like your material skidded to best meet your equipment needs.
Paper – Protective paper is standard on all orders but can be applied with standard or full wrapping both with and without Hascall Logos. Max Coil and Skid Weight – Coils can be adjusted to meet your max lift and coil capacities.
Offloading – Material can be shipped skidded or standing and set for Forklift on the side or the rear of the bed. Material can also be shipped ready for sheet lifter or overhead crane offload.


Steel is only good if it gets there when you need it. At Hascall we have an experienced Logistics team that will ensure that your steel arrives on time in the way that best suits your needs. Whether you would like delivery via our in-house Steel Man Transportation service or if you would like to pick up your material personally, our team can set up appointments that meet your schedule. Our Logistics team can also arrange a 3rd party carrier if needed. Delivery dates, times, and address should be discussed with your Sales Representative prior to ordering.


And lastly, we know each customer is unique. There may be special requests that we would love to accommodate. These may range from a sample of the steel attached to the packaging, to increased tag requirements and frequencies. We are happy to work with you in order to be your trusted choice in slit steel coil and blanks.